A sweet opportunity to invest!

Welcome to invest in the British company Frosted Frootes, who in South Africa will make and sell fresh fruit coated in chocolate. 

First 12 months turnover = USD 11 million, profit post tax = USD 2,5 million. Company value = USD 2,5 million.

You can buy 1-10 shares for USD 25 000 per share. You will be repaid in full after 12 months and you can keep keep your share/shares!

Worst case scenario: buy a share for USD 25 000 and get fully repaid after one year. Best case scenario: get 20+ x ROI with a planned exit after 3 years, 

Click links below for Executive Summary and a 36 month Financial Projection.

Executive summary: Frosted%20Frootes%20-%20presentation.pdf

Financial projection:  FROSTED%20FROOTES%20%20-%2036%20MONTH%20FINANCIAL%20PROJECTIONS.pdf

Website: https://frostedfrootes.com/

Please send an e-mail with your name, phone number and how many shares you want to buy to  frosted@skonborg.se  if you want to invest. Then we will send you instructions how to sign digitally and how to pay.

If you have any questions you can contact CEO Geoff Bond, geoff@frostedfrootes.com, phone +44 7368 503 472