Invest in global patents that will shape the future of virtual interaction

The Norwegian company Salient World has developed and patented Web 3.0 UI/UX-solutions for mixed reality 3D experiences on smartphones. The patented UI/UX-solutions are developed to fit bigger players business models, and applies for the coming megatrends of navigational shopping, interactions with digital avatars and holograms. The UI/UX-solutions are extremely natural and human-like, interacts only by eyes, voice and movements, you dont have to push any buttons. The company has two global patent claims, already deemed NOVEL and internationally published by the patent authorities in Europe (EPO), USA and Asia (PTC), now being treated on the final leg for obtaining global IPR rights during summer 2003. Global UI/UX IPR rights are the most valued patents possible to achieve, and may be sold for billions of USD to bigger players with large proprietary networks.

 The company has also developed an global web 3.0 app for smart local search, shopping and infotainment in mixed reality 3D experiences, using their own patented technology. App is called City-Shopper Digital Twin Avatar and has a new anonymous social media concept, providing detailed real-time local knowledge, information- and recommendations for local shopping- and infotainment in global scale. City-Shopper has only practical daily life functions for end users, there is no possibility for fake news, bullying, body pressure or political discussions. City-Shopper adds sustainability into shopping and has full ESG economy/toconomy reducing climate change, empowering end users and advertisers, small local businesses and local communities across the world. If you choose to share your local knowlegde- and information shopping data with other peoples City-Shoppers you can earn native tokens, which can be changed into crypto currency. App is IPR protected in Europe, Asia and USA and cannot be copied. City-Shopper app is a true global unicorn in the coming megatrend digital twin avatar – first runner in world market."

Salient is selling 180 new shares for € 5 000 per share.

The pre-money value of the company is € 3 million.

You can make an offer for any number of shares at a lower price
You can make an offer to buy convertibles

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